Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Lucy and Des Show Off **

I paid for this one thinking that £6 was great value for two comedians of the quality of Lucy Porter and Des Clarke.

The show was a mixture of them dicking around on stage, a few sketches and a couple of guests slots for other sketch shows to promote their own show.

The two comedians worked very well at the beginning, it was a very informal and the banter between them and the audience, and between the two of them, was pretty funny and relaxing.

Them they started doing sketches, which were at best pretty average. Sometimes when sketches are under-rehearsed it makes them even funnier, but that didn't happen in this case. They just looked under rehearsed.

The two guests; a double act called "Girl and Dean" and a group of four called "Tea and Coffee" were both competent but they were only given a slot of around five minutes so they didn't really get the chance to build up any momentum. I don't think it would be fair to judge them on such a short slot and I've certainly nothing bad to say about them.

I suppose this is just Des and Lucy's "let's try it and see what happens" show. Their side project if you will. They've both got individual shows, which will be brilliant if their respective reputations are anything to go by. But I get the feeling that they have really put their heart and soul into their main shows, which are their bread and butter and concentrated less on this one.

The show has all the ingredients to be absolutely cracking and may well go on to get better as it develops over the next three weeks, but more work is required to get it right.

So unfortunately, on day one it didn't exactly set the heather on fire. I hope they get things sorted out early and hit form when the real reviewers start going along because they are both very likeable comedians.

This show is on Daily at 5pm in the Pleasance Above.


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