Wednesday, 15 August 2012

A Little Perspective with Imaan ****

I've met and seen Imaan Hadchiti before and I had him as an early tip for a Best Newcomer Award.

After seeing him do open spots and meeting him person and then seeing some of his videos on line, I was very excited to finally be seeing his full hour long show!

Imaan is a short guy. He suffers from a rare condition called Rima's disease (named after his sister) and when I mean short, he is very small! 3ft 5 inches to be exact... so naturally a lot of his comedy revolves around this.

In this particular show, he shows hidden camera clips, taking whilst wandering around Melbourne which show people's reactions to his size... The reactions are hilarious yet shocking... "Are you human" one woman asks. Imann pauses the video at this point, gives a rye smile then lets her have it with both barrels!

Some people might think that going to see a small person to laugh at them would be uncomfortable, but you needn't worry. Imaan is an experienced stand up and his style will out you at ease immediately. Despite his stature he has no trouble controlling a drunken crowd and it really is easy to just relax and enjoy the show because you are firmly on his side as he takes on the many many layers of stupidity and ignorance that exist in the world!

Being honest, I think I was a bit hasty to be mentioning him for an award... I don't think he is quite in that league yet, but it's still a quality hour of stand up and I'm surprised that the show has not attracted more publicity!

Show info here.

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