Thursday, 25 July 2013

2013... It's Almost Time

The thing I've noticed about this Fringe is that there have been no massive pre-fringe controversies.

There are no worries about clashing with the Olympics any more... It's back to the usual performers complaining about the Fringe being elitist, with the big four venues hoovering up all the cash and the up and coming acts complaining that the "Live at the Apollo" crew are stealing all the punters!

Richard Herring is giving away a free DVD with his show this year instead of paying a fortune for posters and flyers, which prompted less well known comedian Lewis Schaffer to give away Richard Herring DVD's with his tickets! Nice touch!

The Fringe has long had the reputation with performers of being a money drain with little reward. The old phrase "You might as well stand in a shower for a month ripping up £50 notes" has become so well used that I think almost everyone, including me has forgotten who originally said it!

But I think all performers should be coming into the Fringe with their eyes open now! The Free Festival and Free Fringe set up's both give people the chance to make a name for themselves without an initial outlay and if you're good enough you will be spotted eventually.

I've got my week off planned for the opening days of the Fringe and as usual I'll be posting all my experiences, good and bad, on here. I'll try not to be too controversial (my Spank review at the tail end of last year ruffled a few feathers, but I stand by everything I said).

In previous years I've posted lists of shows that people should see. If I do that again I'll just be repeating myself as I've not had as many chances to get out and see lots of local acts this year. All the acts I've recommended previously are still excellent.

If you are stumbling across my blog for the first time them may I point you in the direction of some previous posts:

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And finally my tips for getting the best value out of the Fringe (since writing this, the area around Bristo Square has become a much better place to pick up free tickets as well).

As well as blogging and Tweeting I'm going to try my have at using Vine videos and if I meet any interesting performers I'll maybe give them 6 seconds which will get tweeted out!

Less than a week to go!